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Debt Purchasing

Professional Credit Service will show you what our second to none debt purchasing looks like by turning your debt into cash. It doesn't matter the age or status of the account, because every account to us is valued. We display integrity and care with each account that is given to us because we understand the importance of safety and security.


sell bad debtWhy Sell Your Debt Portfolio?

Selling accumulated debt from delinquent and charged-off receivables provides your company with immediate cash.


Selling debt eliminates the costs of holding and servicing under-performing accounts and avoids the need to hire a collection agency.


Eliminate portfolio deterioration due to economic fluctuations, and eliminate loss due to consumer bankruptcy. Our compliant certifications include HIPPA, CFPB, and CMS.


All accounts are managed in a positive environment where public image is paramount.
We treat your customers with the same level of respect that you do.

Our goal is to minimize costs to creditors while being proactive in evaluating portfolios for maximum return. We are able to turn stressed receivables into liquid capital. Don't let stagnant accounts hurt your business's ability to grow. Many account providers and clients like you are selling their accounts. Have you thought about it?


To learn more about our debt purchasing services, contact us today. (888) 888-1992


Debt purchasing handled by Professional Credit Service affiliate company Voyent Capital