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Portland, Oregon Health Care Collection Agency in Portland, Oregon
Healthcare Debt Collections

Professional Credit Service is emerging as a leading provider of accounts receivable management for healthcare professionals and organizations across the United States.


At Professional Credit Service we understand that collecting on past due healthcare accounts requires specialized care.

Our staff has been providing compassionate healthcare-oriented collections to major healthcare systems throughout the Pacific Northwest for 80 years. It is our philosophy to listen to each patient, consider their circumstances, and to offer opportunities to pay.

Professional Credit Service is fully committed to retaining the privacy of your patients.

All Professional Credit Service policies and procedures are fully compliant with HIPAA, FDCPA, Pub 1075, SSAE16, and FCRA laws.

Each staff member receives extensive training on the details and requirements of these laws as well as client specific policies and procedures. Professional Credit Service also offers our clients a HIPAA compliant secure encrypted message board to communicate with our staff. All of our products include 24-hr online account management tools, so you can manage your accounts at your convenience. Click here to learn more about client tools.


Give us a call today to learn more about our specialized healthcare collection methods. (888) 888-1992