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Hawes Technologies’ new product, VoizTrail, will use sophisticated speech analytics to improve consumer engagement


Hawes Technologies’ new product, VoizTrail, will use sophisticated speech analytics to improve consumer engagement

VoizTrail logoOctober 18, 2016
Carlsbad, Ca
California Association of Creditors Conference

Hawes Technologies, leading provider of consumer engagement technology for call centers, introduces a product that will optimize consumer experience using advanced speech analytics.

VoizTrail Speech Analytics separates the voices of the customer and the call agent into two channels, and then examines each channel for emotional cues -- acoustics (pitch, tone, volume) -- as well as keywords determined by the user. After the software transcribes and analyzes the call, it automatically assigns it a score, based on the level of risk or success the agent found with the customer.

 “VoizTrail is a product like no other,” says Hawes Technologies Business Development Director, Gerald Jonathon. “I’m proud of the advanced technology used in this engine, and I’m confident that it will be a game-changer for call centers everywhere, whether they’re focused on sales, customer service, or collecting revenue.”

“Being able to see on the report who’s said what is so valuable,” says Scott Purcell, President and COO of Professional Credit.  “But the best part is the emotional intelligence analysis -- how quickly and easily we can determine how our calls are going.  Which calls start out with a stressed consumer and end up with a calm and satisfied consumer. Which agents are best at making that happen.  What language works best with our consumers and what areas our agents might need more training with. This kind of information and analysis that’s available at a glance, and in charts that are easy to read, is something we’ve wanted for a long time.”

In addition to the Speech Analytics capabilities, Hawes Technologies Call Recording and Auditing software provides advanced auditing technology, including the ability to record 100% of all calls, while redacting sensitive information from the call recording (social security numbers, account numbers, etc).  In many industries, such compliance is imperative to data security.  “We listened to our clients – to what they’ve been telling us would be helpful,” says Jonathon. “And then, despite the initial belief that it couldn’t be done, we found a way.”

Hawes Technologies, a Hawes Group company, creates highly advanced, turn-key communications solutions that can be customized to serve the needs of contact centers everywhere. Hawes Technologies provides software and IT services to help manage risks, reduce costs, and maintain quality while keeping pace with the next generation of technology. 

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on 18 October 2016