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January 5th, 2016  pdf icon


In this issue:

  • CFPB and it's impact on collections By: Wade Isbell
  • Professional Credit Service is awarded Peer Review status by HFMA
  • Creating the "Wow" factor By: Scott Purcell
  • Key behaviors to drive KPI By: David Mort
  • Smart recruting aids in employee retention by: Karla Torres
  • Transparency through reporting By: Jeff Rodriguez
  • The one person difference By: Jeff Johnson

July 9th, 2015 pdf icon


In this issue:

  • The power of TEAM By: Jeff Johnson
  • Tips for applying Lean By: Denise Jubber
  • Medical debt and credit reporting-Changes on the horizon By: Wade Isbell
  • Client Tools work queue featur By: Jeff Rodriguez
  • What nakes Professional Credit Service different? By: Scott Purcell

December 12th, 2014 pdf icon


In this issue:

  • Better Together By: Scott Purcell
  • Healthcare Update Medicaid Expansion: What it means to Healthcare Collections By: Lisa Kirk
  • Make 2015 Magical Choose to "Be Present" By: Jeff Johnson
  • Legal Update Keeping up with (The Joneses) Technology By: Buz Mattson
  • All About Lean
  • Client Services Update:New Client Tools Release By: Jeff Rodriguez
  • Compliance Update Renewal of PPMS Certificate from ACA